The title of “Wild is the Wind”refers to an old jazz standard, but it also neatly chimes with Phillips’s interest in nature. The double meaning of the title underscores his equal fascination with both culture and the outdoors. His poems casually quote Lucretius or Marcus Aurelius while touching on wind and water, woods and bonfires, coyotes and storms.

Got back to playing our type of basketball, James said. Always felt good about our team, but it was just about the way we were playing. I feel really good about the way we playing right now. There was also an issue with branding. Despite being billed as a “mini Bolshoi,” none of the 12 dancers actually came from Moscow’s famed theatre, and only three had ever even trained there. Still, one impressed audience member told The Globe and Mail, “I wouldn’t mind at all if they defected;” while a local music teacher hailed the performance.

Ben Folds, lead singer of acclaimed 90s alternative band, Ben Folds Five, is hosting free weekly livestream concerts on Patreon. Each Saturday, Folds will perform songs requested by the public, live from his apartment in Sydney, Australia. Despite a little confusion about time zones, the concert series has been a huge hit with so many people tuning into Patreon to view the first livestream, that the site crashed.

Phone based viva examinations could also be an option. But colleges and universities must ensure that no student misses out on the final qualifying examination.Based on the availability of resources among some students, institutes cannot presume that all candidates will be able to give tests remotely. Discriminating against one section of students and going ahead with online tests would be unfair..

The Sharks Foundation is seeking deep, impactful and well rounded relationships with the organizations we support. As such, there should be an activation component within the campaign month under which you are applying between your organization and the Sharks Foundation. An activation component should be well thought out, creative/ unique and multifaceted (ie: more than a check presentation).

Virgo Is Stuck on PerfectionismVirgos won’t go for someone who has no respect for hard work. It would really upset them to see someone completely mess something up with no regard to the work that was put into it. Virgo likes things clean, so if you are a slob Virgo might not be your best choice.

So I gave up glasses during runs in high school. For ten years I survived on the shoulders of busy roads and rocky single track trails without much of a hitch. That’s not to say there were no problems. If you retired right now, what would you have to live on? When I looked at my own finances (I’m 55) I was looking at working till I was 67 and we would be living on $100k a year. That would be plenty for some people. Once I got into real estate, I now plan to retire around 62 and we should have around $200k a year to live on.