RCMP are looking for help to identify a suspect who attacked an 84 year old woman who was using a walker. Incident near the Metrotown Skytrain station. Incident near the Metrotown Skytrain station. I’ve cast circles with low hanging ceiling fans, with the edge of the television or an alarm clock getting into it. For a while I even set my altar up on top of my CD/stereo cabinet, with the plugged in radio inside. It was just a matter of working with the space I had, I didn’t honestly think about it much and it never seemed to adversely affect my workings..

The electrical department hosts an extensive variety of appliances as well as the latest technology for your home. The wide range offers shoppers the chance to purchase well known brands such as Apple, Samsung, HP, LG, Sony and many others. When shopping from this section shoppers can find TVs, laptops, smartphones including the iPhone 11, tumble dryers, washing machines, toasters, tablets, sat navs and many more products to choose from.

If you don care too much about the lenses take a tip from scuba diving and spit on the inside of the goggles and spread it out, works great in a bind. If you don want to spit use some scuba goggles anti fog stuff. That I can tell you will work as I am both a skier and scuba diver.

Know, I been taking bullets every day for the union up here, Ford said about the many questions he faced on inspections. Truth of the matter is they were refusing to go into these homes. Said he understands inspectors being nervous about going back into homes and why they resisted and even praised Thomas for helping get inspectors back into homes, but said there was little he could do when workers refused to enter the homes..

But I don really feel like I needed in the room, because a lot of people are already there. For the political work that I want to do, I want to be in a place where there some resistance or where it needs to happen. I think my vote matters more in Florida than it does in New York..

If revenue at Julie Skirving’s eight year old clothing business continues dropping at its current rate for the rest of the spring and into the usually lucrative summer season, she said it might not make it to the fall.”I would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and it would be nearly impossible to make up any ground afterwards,” Skirving said over the phone from Logan Finley, her clothing store in Toronto’s trendy Queen Street West neighbourhood, home to myriad independent businesses starved for income since the coronavirus pandemic lockdown began five weeks ago.The Canadian Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loan program that provides $40,000 interest free loans is supposed to help small businesses weather the storm, but some such as Logan Finley have fallen through the eligibility cracks because they are simply too small.Skirving, who employs just three part time workers, doesn’t qualify for a CEBA loan because her payroll was less than $50,000 for the 2019 fiscal year. Qualifying businesses have to prove they paid between $50,000 and $1 million to their employees in 2019.”The odds are against me,” she said. “My e commerce business is generating just seven per cent of the revenue I used to have.