People who make vegetarian burgers using pineapple usually use pineapple slices (rings). Pineapple spears. The difference between pineapple slices and pineapple spears is that the slices have been cut widthwise from the pineapple whereas spears of pineapple are made by cutting the pineapple lengthwise.

My Critics Institute students got a real challenge yesterday: review Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s production of the charming family show A Year with Frog and Toad, and then review A Comb and a Prayer Book, a first person account of the Holocaust. So yeah, they had one helluva day. Here are those reviews (I gave the option of choosing which one to post)..

On Friday, we had our first day of “real” Central Oregon weather. It was balmy and warm and just the way a day should be. It was hovering into the 70s and with the sudden break in the weather to delightful, everyone was outside working in the yard. 01. Tell your teacher you are dropping out, do so, get a really lousy job, hate it, take it out on your spouse and children, get all frustrated and go to the local corner convenience store, steal some beer, run from the police, get caught, spend two days in the county jail, get out and find out your spouse left you, get really mad and go confront the convenience store manager for having you arrested, push him, get arrested for assault, tell the judge he’s an idiot, receive a sentence of five years in prison, learn how to perfect your robbery skills from an inmate named Bubba, get on probation and steal $4,001 from a string of bank robberies, run from the FBI, get caught by the behavioral analysis unit in less than a week, go to trial, blame the educational system, name said teacher as culpable for your failures and end up in isolation for 45 years in federal prison. That’ll teach ’em!5 years ago.

She said that’s come from management and they don’t have the capacity to even take cash at the cash registers anymore,” she wrote.TikTok user shares controversial video of dog picking up penguin on beachWoman sacked after hysterical ‘racist’ rant at black birdwatcher goes viralTrump embroiled in feud after warning placed on president’s tweetThe woman said she then “called her on it” and told her she was going to “lose a sale then”.”I will not be bullied, or manipulated to not using cash when I choose to, I’d rather go without. It’s about taking a stand. Standing up for my rights, your rights,” she wrote.The removal of cash payments were one of many changes made to Myer stores in its effort to protect staff and shoppers from the spread of germs amid the pandemic.The retailer introduced the policy to reduce the contact points between staff and customers.