Never mind that Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist and his views place him squarely in the mainstream. If Clinton is as eager as she claims to attract millennials to her campaign, she might want to consider the fact that 18 to 29 year olds have a more favorable view of socialism than of capitalism. She can trot out as many TV showrunners and 23 year old Disney escapees as she can scare up, but it’s not going to help her much.

We had some commercial success with some songs at radio, and that was great, and I’ll take that all day long. But I was really thinking about legacy and what songs really affected people in what ways. That was just a challenge to myself to chase after hearts instead of hits and set the tone for this album..

While discussing poetry, it is incumbent upon us to not take the ‘darkness’ for granted. For in poetry, every word can steal into the kingdom of metaphor.Darkness is not just the lack of, absence, or non existence of light. It refers to deep murky realms too actual, mythical, and psychical.

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A criminal case will now determine whether Montsion caused the man death, as the SIU alleges. Abdi family has said they will pursue civil action for his death but have not yet named the targets of that lawsuit. It believed the police watchdog laid the assault with a weapon charge specifically because Montsion was wearing hardened knuckle gloves during the arrest..

C’est ainsi qu’un blog ste intractif sur le net a t choisi comme support et nos fidles abonns ils taient plus de 300 , nos lecteurs assidus ils taient plus de 2000 nous ont suivi dans cette nouvelle entreprise. Ils ont t rejoints depuis par beaucoup d’autresLe Moulin Caf est un espace de vie sociale avant tout, et tentera de l’tre mme distance. Malgr la crise sanitaire que nous traversons, nous nous devons de rester solidaires !.

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Think they going to be great, Johnson said. Think it a lot different now. His mind, the key change is the Nets practice facility in Brooklyn that the team was just starting to move into when he accepted a buyout during the 2015 16 season. Don want it to be bricked into your hotel room by any means, he said. One to push for openness, but at the same time, I do know how there are risks involved with obviously contracting the virus so you want to eliminate those as much as possible. We obviously not going to be going to concerts or playing cards too much, with how often that guy has touched cards or whatever..