We enjoy our place in Hope, when we’re there. The city got the railroad to refrain from blowing a whistle through there. Had to upgrade the crossing or otherwise pay some money I don’t really know what the deal was. But, in fact, there was never the remotest chance of the monstrosity being built. Hudson Yards raised it as a strictly theoretical solution to the challenge of constructing another set of buildings and parkland above an active rail yard in its second phase. Developers come up with such preliminary “what if” contingencies all the time even for a single building, to say nothing of a 27 acre, $28 billion mega complex..

Specs has a dedicated button on the camera screen underneath the main photo button. Tapping it takes you to the Specs section of Memories. Everything syncs up pretty quickly (in SD over Bluetooth). Thus the most promising horizons for footprints are missing and until recently no footprints had been found. However, in 1996 a single tridactyl dinosaur footprint was discovered by Dr Jane in the Transition Bed at the very base of the Purbeck Formation near Freshwater on the east side of the peninsula. On the basis of recent dating (not an easy matter because of the lagoonal rather than marine facies) by (Feist, Lake and Wood, 1995) this would be of very late Jurassic age.

The sunrise started and I primarily took HDR photos for an hour+ The morning was cloudy and it was raining a bit when I arrived, but had stopped luckily for my photo session. I took shots from every angle. So I will post standard HDR shots later this week! But after I had completed my HDR with my Nikon D300.

LAB grants this status based upon the assessment of several criteria, many of which are encapsulated in “The Five E’s”. These are Engineering (creating safe places to ride and park), Education (educating the public, helping give people the abilities, skills and confidence to ride), Encouragement (creating a bike culture that welcomes and celebrates bicycling), Enforcement (ensuring safe roads for all users) and Evaluation and Planning (for bicycling as a safe and viable transportation option). I’ll address the Five E’s in a future blog.

UCLA Dining staff has the added advantage of knowing that B Plate will succeed, because they spent six months developing new recipes at UCLA’s Hedrick Test Kitchen last school year. They served up to a thousand students each night, and campus chefs fine tuned recipes until students charged the roasted vegetable station the way they descend upon cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizza at other dining halls. The wholesome foods were so popular that students would regularly go through 200 to 250 pounds of kale or purple cauliflower during a single meal.