Southampton Mineral and Fossil Society. Extract from a section of this website (copied some time in the past): The following is part of the Fossil Page section of this Web Site on: Death of a Fossil Site Lee on the Solent, Hampshire. This site is an important Middle Eocene exposure and famous for the variety of fossils that can be found.

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When we recently stayed in Mission Bay. I took a morning stroll with my daughter and took this shot near the hotel. I am laways looking for new subjects for IR not boats? This one had some Palm Trees in the background, so I thought work well! I took the shot and post processed in CS4 and added the black and white filter with Silver Efex Pro..

Lived it and observed it up close, she says. Is the experience of students, faculty and staff of color on this campus. As a professor of nursing, I recognize that the severe stress of an unhealthy work environment can generate diagnosable illnesses.

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Earthworks on the SW side of the village may be the remains of closes. Prior to the construction of the Portbury to Nailsea gas pipeline, four trenches were excavated within the 15M wide construction easement of the pipeline, within the possible house platforms. A layer containing medieval pottery was recorded within the northern most trench [ ] An archaeological watching brief followed during the construction of the pipeline.

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