The big one. El numero uno. So it would make sense then that out of all the votes one casts as an American the vote for President would be the most pure and democratic of all. “In free agency, it’s hard to get players, especially when you’re not having success with the team, the organization, and this on top of it, they look at all the things that’s going on. So they haven’t had the success that they would like, and the thing with Oak is not looking good for them right now,” Childs said. “Me, coming up, being on the West Coast, when I think of the Knicks, I think of Willis Reed coming out of the tunnel going up against Wilt Chamberlain.

Elsewhere, Irene is rushed to hospital as Mick clutches Luc in his arms. Mick can hide his joy at being with his baby and giving her the stuffed toy that Irene returned. Soon afterwards, Tori arrives at the hospital to find that Irene has been brought in.

Because the NHL has an original thought approximately once every meteor explosion, it has depended on the kindness of strangers over the years. Enter Dr. Jerry Buss. The LP in the front of LPDDR4x and LPDDR3 stands for power which is great for battery life, but not so great for performance, thus, you should keep that in mind when searching. The same is the case for DDR3L, where the L stands for voltage Expandable RAM: With this filter, you can search for laptops that offer expandable RAM options this means, you can ask the manufacturer to add more RAM after you buy the machine, as there are extra RAM slots available on the machine. You can filter from 4GB and below additional RAM, up to 128GB and above RAM.Storage Type: Laptops come with several types of storage media.

LONGMONT, CO October 12, 2018: Manny Arellano labels a cube of water cans heading to Florida. Thousands of units of water are being canned at Oskar Blues in Longmont on Friday for Hurricane Michael relief. The Can’d Aid Foundation has partnered with Oskar Blues Brewery and Ball Corporation to provide canned water for disaster relief..

The impulse to see Lincoln painted on canvas may be difficult for many to grasp in a day and age when digitized images of Lincoln photographs are instantly available on the internet or reproduced on or in tangible objects ranging from posters and flat paged books to utilitarian expressions of value such as coins and stamps. Lincoln pictures are far better known and appreciated today than ANY of the largely forgotten paintings and sculptures of him derived from those photographic images. Those of us now willing to take a moment to study an image of Lincoln probably do so in the hope of beyond his face to find some evidence of his genius, foibles, hopes, fears, and emotions.