Snow was melting a bit, but with no sun, it was a slower process. Just occasionally you had to dodge a falling bunch of snow from a tree above! I guess there was about 10 15 inches of fresh snow. I had sneakers on I had to try an avoid the ole wet sock effect when walking in snow.

Bonell, C. P. And Strange, V. If tiki mugs are cultural appropriation, it seems to come from such a completely different background, and was started before the average person could even have a chance to know what is and isn authentic. In the 30s, your average Bay area cocktail drinker couldn exactly hop on a plane to travel across the Pacific, let alone read about a culture on the internet. Thus, 30s origins of Polynesian Pop/Tiki culture are so incredibly inauthentic, we end up with this other good quote from the article:.

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We did get some rain in New Mexico between Santa Rosa and Edgewood on the way to California. It was the only inclement weather we experienced. Rest was sunny and perfect traveling weather. Even fewer of Germany and Japan aircraft were saved. In his attempts to save endangered aircraft types from the scrap heap, Mr. Maloney pleaded, bartered, and even purchased the discards by the pound..

Honestly, I am concerned. Being the type of person who believes in absolute free speech (meaning I don’t care if people use racially charged words, terms labeled hate speech, or any other criticism) the direction this nation is going baffles me. The saddest part is that its being given up willingly by the youth in exchange for what? Political Correctness? A feeling they belong?.

We friends. We always be friends. I helped her in a way that she needed, but it between her and I. Pocket buyers generally are professional investors with deep pockets, or should I say Bigger Pockets? Lol anyway, most good apartment deals in the Bay Area don’t ever see the light of day. The same concept applies through most fundamentally sound apartment markets. Because of the nature of relationships with brokers, I use the word political to describe this dynamic.

In the second part, I describe a phase field approach to the minimisation problem and provide a sample implementation along with an algorithmic description to demonstrate that the technique can be applied in practice. The diffuse Willmore functional in this setting goes back to De Giorgi and the novel element of my approach is the design of a penalty term which can control a topological quantity of the varifold limit in terms of phase field functions. Besides the design of this functional, I present new results on the convergence of phase fields away from a lower dimensional subset which are needed in the proof, but interesting in their own right for future applications.