Right outside the front of the hotel was this courtyard had this odd cube fountain. It was built in the 70 and called Cubo A decorative and funky piece! A great subject for HDR. I really like Porto I enjoyed wine would make visit very drinkable! LOL.

With the advent of the Internet came the explosion of information. We can get our hands on almost everything that’s ever been recorded. And for the stuff we can’t get our hands on, we have the power to simply make it. Remember These Sweets from the 1960s?Whether you’re young or old, candy from the 1960s is pretty fascinating stuff. There’s the Teaberry Shuffle, the weird (and frosted?) Zero Bar, and Fizzies tablets that you drop into a glass of water to make your own soda pop. I have gathered together some of the most popular candies of the 1960s, from the great (Chuckles!) to the not so great (Bit O Honey, anyone?).

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We want something you can lifestyle in as well. Be yourself wherever you are, you don have to change just because you going onto a golf course. I using a Tour Edge 3 wood and the results have been incredible long and, oddly enough, straight. Navaldeep says that once the peripheral idea of the song was conceived, the first draft took him only fifteen minutes. Was that unprompted, he adds. Love during a lockdown is particularly difficult as it isn anything young adults have fought previously.

With the Heat struggling for much of the night (credit the Nets for playing tough defense) and Hassan Whiteside getting demolished by Brook Lopez, coach Erik Spoelstra went into his bag of tricks to pull out a card he hadn used in a while. It was the joker known as Johnson at point center. As most of Spoelstra moves go, it worked out perfectly.

Oakley picked up his first rebound at the 9:06 mark and went into the stands for the first time 15 seconds later, causing a Knick turnover, along the baseline. His first serious pick came against Ward at the 6:59 mark and less than a minute later, Ewing rejected an Oakley shot in the lane. At 4:38 Oakley buried a trademark spot up jumper for his first points.