The trunk then feeds a mouth containing gigantic grinding molars that smash up the toughest steppe vegetation and sends it on down to the mammoth’s fermentation vat of a stomach. As the herd concentrates on their grazing, only the youngster seems disinterested. He still gets most of his nutrition from his mother’s milk, and so has more time on his hands to play, but also, to get into trouble..

No fewer than nine freshwater pools make up this water city including themed attractions such as a music cave, the afore mentioned slide (a 112 meter behemoth titled the aqua gun), the mushroom fountain, and a semi Olympic sized pool. They also feature the usual pools such as Jacuzzis, a kiddie pool, and a non Olympic sized swimmer’s pool. This is a complex, after all, that claims 1,500 square meters of water surface..

Speaking at the Downing Street briefing, Professor Van Tam warned Britons not to “tear the pants out of it” as the Government made new changes to lockdown rules.Earlier this week the Prime Minister gave the green light for households in England to hold BBQs and garden gatherings of up to six people and from Monday, following an announcement made at today’s briefing, groups of a same size will be able to exercise together.However the Deputy Medical Officer stressed that Britons must still be sensible and proportionate with the new freedoms the Government has given to them or risk a second peak of infections.”We have to get this right,” he said today, adding that while the chances of the latest “easements” allowing the R value to go above one are “extremely low”, it is not a guarantee.Contact tracing has to go well but the public also have to engage with it seriously and isolate if told to, he said.Dominic Cummings: A million people sign petition for Boris Johnson senior adviser to be sackedBoris Johnson draws line under Dominic Cummings row amid furore over scientistsRare triple waterspout forms in front of sunset in the PhilippinesA rare triple waterspout formed in front of a picturesque sunset on an island in the Philippines this evening (May 30). The mesmerising natural weather phenomenon amazed residents on Talim Island in Rizal province shortly after 6pm local time. Footage shows the long, thin funnels of water stretching down from a dark grey cloud into the ocean on the horizon.

The director went on ESPN’s “First Take” to explain that guards harassed him for using an entrance that he’s had access to for the last 28 years. The Oscar winner is the Knicks’ most high profile fan and has been attending basketball games at Madison Square Garden for decades. A video clip of Lee surrounded by Madison Square Garden security guards went viral on social media during the Knicks’ March 2 game.