This became the Barrow Service Station. Since prohibition was in full force, Henry’s son, LC, manned the moonshine stand at the gas station. Henry dug a well and sold water for a quarter a barrel, had telephone service, and sold Star brand gasoline at 12 cents a gallon.

Clyde and Bonnie stayed in the Dallas area for November and December, and still, Sheriff Smoot Schmid and his deputies didn’t make a move to capture them. The Code of Ethics in the community was strong, and for many residents, the law was the enemy. Schmid still had dreams of glory in capturing the Gang, thinking that he’d be re elected as sheriff for as long as he wanted the position.

“Jeff was the coolest guy in the world,” Ogwyn says, his eyes tearing up as he pulls into the desert town of Perris and stops at the municipal airport, a collection of corrugated metal buildings and runways with a smog choked view of the San Bernardino Mountains. “The first night after he died, I dreamed of flying with him. All this stuff has just put a zap on my head big time.”.

Law enforcement officers secured the crime scene and herded hundreds of passengers displaced by the shooting in Terminal 2. In the airport’s three other terminals, it remained business as usual, as people watched accounts of the shooting on TV but remained calm. Within 40 seconds, another radio transmission discounted the report as false, but the possibility of another shooter had already spread and more reports of gunfire quickly followed..

One of the maddening things about looking at images is you may stumble across a face that there is absolutely no clue as to her identity. During my prolonged absence from writing articles, hopelessly lost in the search for the holy grail of beauty, I found such a face. Tireless investigation left me no clue and so in one of my few articles/poems during this period “Anabasis,” I posted the mysterious face above the article.

Make Whole Wheat CrustBread making is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Although there is an investment of time and energy, the end result is like nothing you can purchase at the store! Making whole wheat crust is basically the same as any other dough. The major difference is the flour that you use.

He lived on the southern seashore, feeding on dead bodies. He found the vanaras there, looking disappointed and intent on starving to death rather than returning home as failures for they had failed to find Sita location. When he overheard the monkeys refer to Ram and Jatayu, he was excited.