Was huge, Duchene said. Been a tough couple of days for a lot of people. We needed to respond and we did. Sad but true. The NY Rangers situation will play itself out in the courts which is the proper venue. The accompanying publicity will hopefully do some good in that people will be reminded that while the ‘glamour’ of being a cheerleader, etc has it’s ups, it can also have its downs, and those downs, in a perfect world, should not involve exploitation..

No, I do not think this is the show that will take the boys and their swaggering Jackson, Ben Walker, to Broadway. But it’s a lot of fun, and Director/playwright Alex Timbers is a veritable Wallenda when it comes to walking the line between wide eyed and winking. BBAJ itself rests between Schoolhouse Rock and Drunk History, and doesn’t even make you pick a side; enjoy them both, AND walk away with a lesson.

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Uber made plenty of headlines during a huge winter storm in New York in December, when riders found themselves paying three times the normal price to hail a car in the middle of the snow and frozen rain. Uber founder Travis Kalanick defended the “surge pricing” as a way to provide an incentive to drivers to stay out on the streets; but to many riders, the experience didn’t feel a whole lot like sharing. And as I learned all too well when I tried to use AirBnB to find a room in Austin, Texas, during the SXSW festival last year, Austin’s AirBnB hosts weren’t a bunch of Good Samaritans looking to lend out their couches they were cold hard capitalists dedicated to charge as much as the market could possibly bear..

The premier four day winter event is FREE for fans to attend and enjoy the world’s best male and female skier and snowboarders compete. Dew Tour attendees are also encouraged to enjoy much more than just the competition. Other activities include the Dew Tour Experience, which features a free concert performance, sponsor village, pro athlete signings, photo opportunities, giveaways, the opportunity to upgrade to a VIP Dew Tour experience, industry award shows from SNOWBOARDER MAG on Thursday, February 6 and Newschoolers on Friday, February 7, and so much more.