Three primary threads unspool in In Betweens Ptacin’s account of the people she meets in contemporary Camp Etna; a history of spiritualism in the United States, and Camp Etna’s place in that; and Ptacin’s own understanding of why spiritualism has brought so many people solace over the years. A recurring thread is the ways in which spiritualist life then and now overlaps with indigenous traditions a topic that could probably support a book on its own. And while Ptacin’s explorations of history don’t quite come down on the revisionist side of things, she does make a convincing case that Harry Houdini’s fondness for debunking mediums was flavored with more than a little hypocrisy..

Defensively, I think he’s more advanced than offensively. But I think offensively, he’s getting better and better as he gets more opportunities to play in games. So I’ve known about him for a few years because a friend of mine, Romeo Travis (LeBron’s former high school teammate), actually played on the same team with him overseas so I’ve known about him but I think every game, he get an opportunity to play more and more, he gets more comfortable with the NBA game, offensively he’s getting better.

The first performer, Kirk Read, who dresses in a stretch sequined belt, a hot pink cheetah print tank, and a drawn on glitter face mask, performs an observational stand up routine on the topic of hotel room sex that can be simplified as: “What’s the deal with clients of male prostitution?” Read’s monologue covers topics ranging from the Hilton’s harsh, neon lighting (flip on the lights, and it’s like you’re in Safeway all of a sudden!) to scat (nobody knows how to use an enema anymore!), but he comes down with a clear message: At least I’m getting paid for this. During dominatrix Keva I. Lee’s performance, one sorry audience volunteer, a baby faced prep by the name of Colin, is paraded onstage wearing a leather collar, spanked, hogtied, beaten, and forced to fellate a large pink dildo, his expression drooping from bemusement to pained resignation as the show progresses.

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