Edward Beiner at Waterside Shops has an Oakley Fastjacket ($220) in blue that comes with two sets of lenses. You can quickly change the dark lens to a light one with the lever on the end piece. I also liked the Rayban Original Wayfarer ($160) in navy that has illustrations of guitars on the inside of the temples (the arms that hold the glasses on your ears)..

Think about it. It’s not like the governor can do a big blue ribbon search for a miracle worker to fill this job. The end of Deval Patrick’s tenure is fast approaching. No comments but some people look and go on their way. And if anyone ask why I wear them, I tell them for leg health cause I do. And my wife likes the feeling them better than pantyhose when we cuddle2 years ago.

Maybe all that’s a coincidence. Or maybe, Oakley suspects, the mask artist was working on a design shown to him by Alphone Pinart, the collector who acquired old masks and commissioned new ones in the 1870s. Pinart was “roughing it” but could conceivably have had books with him that included the helmet design..

You are in entitled to return to your old role at the same rate of pay that you enjoyed prior to going on your leave. If your doctor recommends certain accommodations to facilitate your return, however, your employer may provide you with an altered job description with an alternate pay structure until you can return to work in full force. Even though we are amid a pandemic, employers are still required to accommodate the needs of employees on their return from a medical leave..

If you’re in a five hour line for Mockingjay, you definitely need a phone that will last that whole time and then some to distract you. Or else you’ll have to talk to other humans to entertain yourself. Gross. This is the home of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, the Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong, and so many more. This is the country where children learn names like Wyatt Earp, Davy Crockett, and Annie Oakley. This is the place where the pilgrims landed at Plymouth and where Texas patriots made their last stand at the Alamo the beautiful, beautiful Alamo..

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women. In contrast, only 16% of men are assaulted by such perpetrator. Findings also show in most cases where women use violence, it is in self defense, and the risks of harm are incomparably minimal.

Mariana Alvim Mestre em sociologia pela UFRJ e graduada em jornalismo pela PUC Rio, onde foi bolsista. Como jornalista, trabalhou no Portal Viva Favela, da ONG Viva Rio, e no jornal O Globo, passando pela editoria de reportagens especiais e pela coluna de Lauro Jardim. Est na BBC News Brasil desde 2017..