In a statement, iHeartRadio shared, “As you may know, the Shrine in Los Angeles recently announced that it is officially closed for events through March 31 the earliest which includes the iHeartRadio Music Awards scheduled to air on FOX, Sunday, March 29. The safety of our guests, employees, artists and partners is our main priority. IHeartMedia and FOX will plan to reschedule at the appropriate time and will provide more information and relevant updates as they become available.

Germany wants the deal to be concluded at an EU China summit in the city of Leipzig in September. But the agreement was in trouble even before the latest flare up in Hong Kong. Michael Clau, Germany’s ambassador to the EU and a former ambassador to China, admitted earlier this month that talks were stuck over market access rights for European companies..

But being modern entails human agency: we are no longer passive sufferers but enforcers of tragedy; a Macbeth rather than an Oedipus, who caused an epidemic without being aware of it. The pandemic and its human response, the lockdown, has been embroiled in intense political decisions. The sharpest image has been that of the bloodied, pus filled feet of the thousands of migrant workers who have walked home.

While multichannel networks have evolved into full fledged digital entertainment powerhouses, many still don’t have women represented at the highest executive level: Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Collective Digital Studio and AwesomenessTV all have male CEOs.But Kaplan, who spent over 20 years as an executive at Nickelodeon before moving to AwesomenessTV, said the digital space is more inclusive than traditional Hollywood.”I think digital industry gets a really high mark because there’s so much opportunity,” she said. “And the thing I also believe about the digital industry, which is different than traditional, is it is taking more chances and taking more risks. That means you are doing things differently and providing more opportunities for new voices.”Rico Martinez, senior vice president of creative at Endemol Beyond USA, echoed Kaplan’s observations.”There’s more of a democratization in digital in terms of representation because it’s based on real people and communities you grow around them,” he tells Mashable.Martinez, who is of Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, English and Mexican descent, pointed to Endemol’s ICON Network as a recent example.

Before pouring the batter mix into a mould or pudding tray, even a roasting dish is fine, add a little of the beef dripping to the bottom of the pan, making sure it is warmed up first so that it doesn’t look or feel greasy. Then pour the batter over the top. The beef juice is not a necessity, you can just use the batter, it will turn out just as nice.