This is a very obvious statement, but so few people heed to its common sensitivity. When taking a test, one regularly has two pencils. When driving a car, one has an extra tire. Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX:KZA) recently shelled out AU$51k to buy stock, at AU$0.41 per share. That purchase might not be huge but it did increase their holding by 19%. So it’s clear an insider wanted to buy, at around the current price, which is AU$0.46.

In addition to the wealth of amenities within Delaney Park, residents of the community will enjoy an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor recreation in the heart of the Delta region. The community sits directly south of 1,166 acres of preserved wetlands that includes the city’s largest park, the Dutch Slough Community Park. Also close by is the Big Break Shoreline Nature Park and Marina which offers boating and kayaking for family fun and fishing.

Not all of Berry’s poems are so solemn. In “A Letter,” a poem posed as a note to his friend Hayden Carruth, a puckish Berry smiles at the news that Carruth hates “Alice in Wonderland,” too. Playing on this theme, Berry concludes that the real world is much more fanciful than Lewis Carroll’s invented one:.

Give it at least a couple of years before you dive into this. Start setting aside more money for a down payment, work on building your credit, make sure you have an emergency fund, and be patient. The housing market is very competitive right now and lots of houses are selling above asking price, so if you start looking now you may find yourself getting constantly outbid and settling for the house you don want and can afford instead of the house you do want and can afford..

The Armstrongs live on 81 hectares in Haldimand where they specialize in “doodle” breeding. Ollie’s Acres is a small scale breeder of goldendoodles a hybrid cross of a poodle with a golden retriever. They always encourage families to come meet the dogs before purchasing.

Still another theory posits that continental drift killed off the dinosarus. Renowned paleontologist Bakker is a proponent of this little known hypothesis. Bakker insists that dinosaurs were indeed warm blooded and that shifting land masses finished them off.

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