Of course, big doesn always mean best, for spectators or cowboys. Most rodeos aren even PRCA sanctioned. Over 500 competitors belong to Pro West (Professional Western Rodeo Association), and compete in the 40 rodeos on this smaller, regional circuit.

The Internet connected glasses will feature a 5 megapixel camera, which is capable of recording 720p videos. The search engine giant has not disclosed the exact specifications of the display inside Glass, but did mention that the resolution will be equivalent to that of a ’25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away’. Google Glass will also feature a Bone Conduction Transducer for audio..

On may 15, 1859, a child was born, She was the tenth child from a family of twelve. Her name was Ellen Sadler. There was nothing particularly remarkable about her, or any of the other children. Shotgun. The format is a two person team playing the same formats that are featured during the PGA Tour Franklin Templeton Shootout: Teams play six holes of modified alternate shot, six of better ball, and six of scramble.Points will be awarded after each event which will qualify players for a variety of prizes including the opportunity to have unprecedented access during the Franklin Templeton Shootout, Dec. 8 14.

Of course, given more context, the 1993 episode didn’t really predict 2020. The clip comes from the 1993 episode “Marge in Chains,” during which the town is hit with an epidemic of the fictional Osaka Flu. The sickness is played off in a cartoonish, funny way, with clouds of the illness strutting around town..

The enduring historical question is not whether Riel was mentally ill, but whether his cause was just and he justly dealt with. There’s no doubt in Joseph Boyden’s mind about Riel’s answer: “Louis is on trial for being a half breed, a half breed who refuses to bow to the people in front of him. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

So what was once worn by only men in the Ancient Roman era to keep clean has now expanded its usage to so much more than could have been imagined before. It was mainly the use of scarves by women in the early 1800’s as an aid to fashion that truly revolutionized it. However, it is in the mid 1900’s that scarves began to take a special place in most women’s closet and indeed began to be recognized as an essential investment for a lifetime in terms of fashion.

Democrats have tried to force the companies to better police hate speech, election falsehoods and other abusive content, threatening to strip social media sites of their liability protections if they don’t more aggressively police the Web. Republicans, meanwhile, have long charged the companies are liberally biased and have systematically suppressed right leaning voices, although the companies have denied those claims. In doing so, they threatened for years before Trump’s executive order to revoke Section 230 as punishment for these perceived biases..