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That was like my first experience playing with a live band. Lyrically, I’ve just always loved the song because of what it speaks about. And, musically, it just has this amazing feel to it. Answering one kind of madness with another, Spike Lee’s Chi Raq approaches the plague of gun violence in Chicago with a staggering disregard for propriety. Just the title alone a reference to a fatality rate that’s exceeded that of American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan over the same period was enough to raise the ire of the city’s image conscious elite, but that’s merely a throat clearing for the operatic fantasia to come. With Aristophanes’ Lysistrata serving as an audacious starting point, Lee’s musical/satire/feature length editorial lurches from genre to genre and tone to tone with as much freewheeling spontaneity as possible for a film where the dialogue is almost entirely in verse.

“E tem tamb essa coisa de ser fora da realidade, pois a gente vira quadrinho no filme. Vai ser um filme diferente. Est em fase de produ mas eu me vi virando desenho. [Lehner] Thanks brother. It’s insane. Totally against racism and being called racist is not fun. Had no clue about the story until everyone called me racist. Just tweeting to my base that might be hurting in these times. Me and my family stand with akim against racism.

Milan, Italy is an interesting place to visit. We all know Milan as a fashion capital of the world. While that may be true, the city is just ok. The events of the past month, which included the sinking of the Lusitania and the deaths of many Americans passengers, “ought to arouse us from a fatuous sense of security,” he said. Charles R. Joy, a Unitarian divine from Portland.

Rob Daugherty is the owner of Berkshire Hypnosis. During his 20+ years of hypnotherapy and travel and various jobs and, yes, normalcy, Rob has accumulated a lot of stories and useless knowledge. Some of these stories have been published. Looks like Tebow is done. There hasn been a misfire yet. Scouts ask for more work, and boom! Another perfect bomb to Hernandez.