So, I tied a rope through the handle on one end of the basket, and the other through the rear belt loop on my jeans. I was then able to drag the basket without letting go of the walker or stooping over trying to shove it. It’s the sort of oddball solution that works, even if it looks funny..

I discovered this back in the mid to late 1980’s when a great aunt presented me with the carefully compiled family history records that had been in the family for generations. As I was the only one who had expressed any interest in genealogy, the data came to me. I loved the discovery of strange and interesting facts, and the way it made otherwise boring history lessons relevant to me on a more personal level.

Step up to make sure federal money can get to the struggling Alberta businesses it is meant for?”Kenney did not respond directly, but instead accused NDP of shameful behaviour for sending out fundraising letters tied to the growing COVID pandemic.”Unlike the NDP, the UCP suspended partisan fundraising for weeks following the beginning of the pandemic out of respect for Albertans,” said Kenney.”But on March 17, the day a public health emergency was declared, the NDP sent out a begging letter trying to monetize the pandemic. Most likely that man died of overdose or heart attack. Video doesn show his resistance that got him in that position.

You may find yourself forgetting a lot of details. To convert information from short term to long term memory, you need to repeatedly pay attention to the information at hand. A number of study sessions helps transfer information from short term memory to long term memory.Reduce all distractions, both internal and external to improve your concentration.

The Raptors handed out 38 assists. Yes, Chicago is a poorly constructed defensive outfit, but that’s impressive. You have to go back to 1997, not long before Damon Stoudamire left town, for the only game where a Raptors team compiled more assists (39).

all priced at less than $5 a share. The Waidelichs’ suit claims they were the victims of a stock fraud scheme perpetrated by First Jersey. Other suits indicate the Waidelichs weren’t the only ones feeling that way.. As we come to the end of the ALP’s first ever rank and file leadership ballot (votes close today and the new leader will be announced on Sunday) it is worth looking at how it has all gone. One thing we can certainly take out of it and this is not unexpected is that the ballot seems to have invigorated many in the ALP membership. Looking at the reactions of my friends in the party, I get a real sense of empowerment by the process..