Pennsbury Manor seeks to replicate what life would have been like when William Penn lived on the estate, which means it has various farm animals including geese, a bull, sheep and horses. The manor is the country estate of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, although Penn spent a total of four years in America. The manor was reconstructed in the 1930s based on Penn’s writings and the archaeological findings on the site..

The 55 year old Oakley played for the Knicks from 1988 98, helping them reach the NBA Finals. He attended games a few times a year, buying his own tickets because he was no longer comped or invited to official team functions. But his relationship with the franchise was frayed even before the 2017 altercation that included him hitting one security guard in the face and shoving at least one other before he was dragged away and handcuffed..

The Prime Minister’s message was unspoken but clear: “You boys wanted out: now sort it.”Boris Johnson: Britain’s most unlikely foreign secretary?The three never great personal buddies even have to share the Chevening country house normally handed to the Foreign Secretary alone for schmoozing foreign dignitaries. Who says May has no sense of humor?Striking a dealThe Three Brexiteers Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Secretary David Davis and International Trade Minister Liam Fox now need to decide what a Brexited Britain will look like.But what have we heard from the Three Brexiteers about the shape of the kind of deal they envisage? Apart from the custard in the clouds prediction from Davis that new trade deals will be struck with markets ten times the size of the EU, not a word. Not because the Three don’t want to disclose their negotiating hand too early but because they haven’t even got Plan A yet.

Australia pacer Mitchell Starc has filed a lawsuit against the insurers of his Indian Premier League (IPL) deal to get his 1.53 million dollars paid out after he suffered an injury in the Test series against South Africa last year, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald. The report also mentioned the veteran pacer filed the lawsuit in the Victorian County Court last week. Starc, one of the most sought after Australian pacer, has had a dramatic time in the IPL.

Stephen Breuning. Three months later, Breuning admitted to fabricating data “concerning the effects of psychotropic medication” on the mentally retarded in order to receive $160,000 in funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Times)..