Ideally, it makes sense for both sides. With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place, Cousins can make over 200 Million dollars if he chooses to sign an extension with the Kings. With that sort of incentive, why wouldn he want to stay put? For Sacramento, this could be the wakeup call the organization needs.

“An examination of contemporary rhetorical theory and its relationships to criticism, interdisciplinary studies and computer applications.” That’s the way the calendar puts it. But what’s the point of contemporary rhetorical theory in the first place? there are organisms, there is mutual influence; where there are humans, there are symbols; where there are influence and symbols, there is rhetoric. Aristotle would tell you that, and tell you that where there is rhetoric there damn well better be judgement, too.

We send pictures of birds to my brother in law (who is a birdwatcher), asking him about the names of those birds. I am learning a lot about nature. I loved it but I didn know much about it. Spurs: San Antonio is 24 1 at home this season when leading after the third quarter. The Spurs led 82 69 entering the fourth. DeRozan has 1,380 points this season, surpassing Dale Ellis (1,366) for third highest total among non rookies in their first season with the Spurs.

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“The events that are happening around us also tend to fertilize the soil more for an African American woman to be planted and nurtured as the VP pick.””I don’t think we can afford to have really any division or confusion, anger or frustration, within the party,” said Seawright.Rashad Robinson, executive director for the civil rights advocacy group Color of Change, has been critical of Klobuchar’s record when she was running. He didn’t say Klobuchar should not be considered as a nominee but told The Daily Beast her explanations this week of her record prosecuting police brutality cases have been “far too cute” and “have seemed to avoid responsibility at a time when we know DAs were not doing their jobs.””To look us in the eyes and pretend we don’t know what’s happening,” said Robinson, “is a disappointment.”Meanwhile, at a “Women for Biden” fundraiser on Friday afternoon, Jill Biden appeared alongside Rep. Val Demings of Florida, a former Orlando police chief and another contender for the vice presidential slot.