Seeking psychiatric help to fight the demons within is another.After 10 Tests and over a decade of first class cricket, Chopra writes that he is fortunate to have been picked whenever he scored at a time selectors ensured many struggled to make it to zonal teams. Constantly live with the possibility that someone who has performed a lot less than you might get the nod ahead of you must be heartbreaking, he writes.Despite the heartbreaks (not making the cut despite scoring the most runs last season), Chopra neither loses perspective nor the lightness of touch that keeps the narrative crackling. Through notes, quotes, anecdotes and intimate jottings, his diary of the 2007 08 season shows contemporary cricketers and administrators in a new light.Sample these Caribbean captain Chris Gayle fancies acting in Bollywood and Hollywood; Virender Sehwag rewards Delhi team mates by gifting them Oakley sunglasses; a Delhi cricketer once offered Chopra his abdominal guard to help him out of a rut; Shah Rukh Khan texted every Kolkata Knight Rider (KKR) team member before an IPL match and taught them how to dance.There are more such enlivening tidbits.

During these unprecedented times, many of us aren’t able to celebrate Father’s Day traditionally. Perhaps you used to go out to a restaurant with dad to celebrate. Or out in nature for a hike or fishing. Specifically, students are not required to complete their lower division coursework in a single Pathway. You may sample across the Pathways, as long as you complete your distributional requirements by taking one course from each of these disciplinary areas: Arts, Humanities, two Social Sciences and Learning for Life. This constitutes the breadth of a general education.

China’s rubber stamp parliament Thursday approved a decision to impose a national security law on Hong Kong, bypassing the territory’s legislature in a move that sets the stage for both violence in Hong Kong’s streets and further conflict with the United States. Not only would such legislation incite mass unrest by Hong Kong protesters resisting the encroachment on their rights; it would also violate “one country, two systems,” Beijing’s agreement to preserve the former British colony’s “high degree of autonomy” until 2047, foreign officials said. Secretary of State Michael R.

Men Wearing SkirtsThere is a tradition for some men to wear skirts/kilts if they are Irish or something like that. But when a famous Rapper is wearing dresses and skirts just because his fashion designer asks him to, this is strange. There were about four Famous Rappers brought to my attention that wear skirts as a fashion trend: P.