In many cases of emotional abuse, the abuser may be an extremely clever and practiced torturer; it is not uncommon for many perpetrators of it to be easily identified as Cluster B Personality Disorders (Histrionic, Borderline, Narcissistic, or Anti Social). Often, such abusers never get any official diagnosis of their mental illness because part of the nature of these disorders is to never seek treatment, let alone get a working diagnosis and plan for treatment and recovery. Adults with Cluster B Personality Disorders (CBPD) likely have been ‘in practice’ for not just their entire adult lives, but also a good part of their adolescence and childhood as well..

Thus, the message of this card is simple, Justice is blindfolded, you have made your own karma and hence, what you have done in the past will determine your future. However, we must not forget that even as the past has created the future, so too, now, this every instance, will also shape and affect the future. Thus, we must learn from our mistakes.

It is not strict as long as it is consistent within the poem. As you can see in the first example below, there are 8 syllables in the each of the first two lines, but in the second pair, there are 6 and 5 syllables, respectively, while the final line matches the 8 syllable pattern of the first pair. What is important, as with most poetry, is the flow..

As it is difficult to go thru 2600 pictures so quickly, if you are anyone you know was at the race me and I will gladly search my pics and make a personal gallery like I did today for Tye! As you all know I like to have fun with my pics selective color and of course textures MX action is true photographic art. The colors of the gear and the action can be beat! So why not make it even more artistic! This shot was done with three textures and some masking. Very cool! Hope you enjoyed the race Tye!Saturday night was the next race night at Austin Del Valle MX Park.

Hi, I moving in soon to work at an art coop. My partner breeds praying mantis. Looking for an area to move to. “The rack belonged to my daughter’s great great grandfather Densmore Green, who captured the moose in the early 1900s in Canada. He was a naturalist and a marksman, and once outshot Annie Oakley at a wild west show in Boston. The horns are a valued heirloom in our family but I am only too happy to present them to the captain of the Moosbrugger,” said the Coral Springs resident..

He calls Luol Deng and Joakim Noah He acts like he best buds with them. So we joke around with him about that. He actually pretty tight with all them. James Beard Award winner Chef Michael Schwartz turned Miami’s now white hot Design District into a dining destination when he opened Michael’s Genuine in 2007. That New American restaurant has long been a driving force in the city’s locavore scene, serving seasonal fare ranging from chilled shrimp with aji amarillo and lime to housemade rigatoni and guava French toast. Its alfresco tables, set underneath a lush canopy of trees, have been some of the most coveted tables in town for more than a decade.