On digital, Sunday’s Vikings Saints divisional back and forth battle delivered a record breaking average minute audience of 375,840 across FOX Sports GO, FOX Now and off platform mobile carriers, which is up +4% over last year’s divisional matchup between the Packers and Cowboys (vs. 363,058 average minute audience). Sunday’s NFL game is the best performing event of any sport in FOX Sports GO history, outside of Super Bowl LI..

There are plenty of options that can be tacked on including the larger iDrive 7.0 screens, a panoramic sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel, Harman Kardon audio system, a head up display and wireless phone charging. Adaptive cruise control is also an extra, but BMW’s advanced driver assistance systems on more expensive models are not available. By contrast, you can get Mercedes’ more advanced systems on the A and CLA classes..

You can carefully move the bulbs to hang wherever you want them in your home, or you can create a temporary hanging spot near your work area by using thumbtacks. After hanging them, make sure you like the way the flowers are arranged and how they bulbs are hanging. If you need to rearrange the flowers or adjust the ribbon, now is the time to do it..

You didn’t mention skirts and men! Men have worn skirts throughout time far longer than women. Many were micro mini length . Think Roman Empire centuries.Of the thousands of types (styles) of available skirts some are perfect for men. Strongly believe that for us to truly achieve excellence and have a campus community which is authentically inclusive, our top leadership gently needs to engage all of us by joining us in the trenches, she says. Said, need to model the change you want to see in the world. It will be powerful to see all of us walking the walk.

CACTUS BLOSSOMS: (Singing) I’m conscientious, she’s an objector. She’s a clown collector. To be a knife thrower, I’ve got to practice for years. It tourism, not exploration, even if it counts towards the exploration rank because the devs didn code something else in (which I totally get, why bother when the mechanics for exploration work just fine). There absolutely nothing wrong with tourism, and it a perfectly valid way to play the game, but it not exploration. Exploration inherently finds new things.

Erst beim rausnehmen Salz drauf. Super lecker, super gesund, super gnstig. Schmecken auch noch am nchsten Tag.. ”She’s on many different medications, but none are working and she’s experiencing up to 100 severe, uncontrolled seizures a day. ”She stops breathing during seizures on Friday night I had to perform CPR on her while I was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.” Paramedics have been called to Sienna’s school eight times already this year, and many times to her home. Ms Cooper, and partner Daniel Phelps, say they feel helpless standing by.