Do you have a stairway somewhere in your home? Even if you don’t have a multi story home, you may have a stairway leading down to a basement or up from the porch or downstairs through the back door. If so, I’m willing to bet that you haven’t done a whole lot to decorate that part of your home. It’s a safe bet to make since most people fail to consider the stairway in the dcor and function of their houses..

When an interactive computer service provider removes or restricts access to content and its actions do not meet the criteria of subparagraph (c) (2) (A), it is engaged in editorial content. By making itself an editor of content outside the protections of subparagraph (c) (2) (A), such a provider forfeits any protection from being deemed a or speaker under subsection 230(c)(1), which properly applies only to a provider that merely provides a platform for content supplied by others. It is the policy of the United States that all departments and agencies should apply section 230(c) according to the interpretation set out in this section..

So mine will be large areas of sidings that were initially fiddle yards and ended up somewhere with engine sheds, goods sheds, trees and countryside. This, dear reader, is my Achilles heal, I cannot NOT decorate my fiddle yards. So, I ask your forbearance on this point.

But, we do not. Also, as mentioned above, if the time gap between photos 1 and 2 was a minute or less, Oakley Lincoln should be just as visible somewhere in the first Gardner photo.Prof. Oakley work on his Virtual Lincoln Project is to be greatly respected, but based upon what has been published, his identification of Lincoln appears to be off the mark.Join the conversation online.On September 24, 2013, the SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE released an article in the October 2013 issue titled: “Will the Real Abraham Lincoln Please Stand Up?” The article announced a photographic discovery by Lincoln devotee and UNCA Professor, Christopher Oakley, that places Abraham Lincoln in one of the Alexander Gardner photographs.

Yeah mon!With Spred the Dub, Fireside Prophets, and Marijah the Reggae All Stars. Bamboo Room, 25 S.Butch Trucks and the Freight Train BandFor those who suffer from the annual post Christmas blues syndrome, you can sing ’em away with Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band featuring Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band at Funky Biscuit. Joined by Berry Oakley Jr., Vaylor Trucks, Bruce Katz, Damon Fowler, and the Ben Sparaco Band, you’ll soon realize maybe the blues aren’t so bad after all.With Berry Oakley Jr., Vaylor Trucks, Bruce Katz, Damon Fowler, and the Ben Sparaco Band.