MobiKwik has been removed from the Google Play store, because of a violation of the app store’s ads policy. According to MobiKwik co founder and CEO Bipin Preet Singh, this was done because the app has a link to the Aarogya Setu app. Singh said in an interview that MobiKwik received a warning from Google a week ago for promoting Aarogya Setu, but then it said this was a mistake when contacted by MobiKwik.

20 at 1 PM at Cremation Society of MN in Brooklyn Park. Reception to follow. If desired, memorials preferred to the MN Alzheimers Assoc. Oakley said he feels Silver “tricked” him into Monday’s meeting with Dolan, though Oakley’s handlers called for the meet.The longer Oakley carries on his war with Dolan, the less sympathy he figures to muster, especially with the belief Dolan was ready to have him make appearances on the Knicks’ behalf.Silver, for his part, will address the Oakley Dolan feud at his State of the NBA Address on Saturday, but is said to be dismayed by the turn of events.Green had said no free agents will come to the Knicks after this, but didn’t back it up in New Orleans.”I’m not sure how people view them,” Green said. “I don’t really know everyone else’s opinions or views around the league. I’m in the locker room with 14 guys.

Given the heavily Democratic tilt of Massachusetts politics, Coakley’s reversal is unlikely to significantly affect the outcome of the general election. But she risks upsetting many of her supporters, as well as abortion rights groups. EMILY’s List, an organization that works to elect Democratic women in favor of abortion rights, was one of the first groups to endorse Coakley after she announced her intent to run for Senator Kennedy’s seat..

While the records of human interactions with these creatures is an abomination, the capture of a pair of healthy, young, and breeding Thylacines would enable us to reintroduce a more stable population of these beautiful creatures to their native homes. It was done with the gray wolf, and that particular animal has and had a much more maligned reputation among human idiots, bordering on, but not limited to outright hatred based upon irrational fears, and greed. The following has been culled from Wikipedia in order to demonstrate the depth of sightings of The Thylacine..

(AP PHOTO)The MOVE Bombing, PhiladelphiaThe black liberation group MOVE, founded in 1972 by John Africa, engaged in a conflict with law enforcement in 1978. When police tried to evict group members from the house they occupied, a firefight erupted killing a police officer and injuring several on both sides. Tragedy occurred in 1985 when the City of Philadelphia, aided by the state police and the FBI, raided and bombed a subsequent residence when the group refused to vacate.