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Salvi will be arraigned Tuesday at Norfolk General District Court on one felony count of shooting a weapon into an occupied building. Salvi is expected to be returned to Boston by federal marshals early this week, and turned over to Massachusetts officials for prosecution on two murder charges and five counts of armed assault with intent to murder, said Norfolk District Attorney William D. Delahunt..

Start CleaningIf you cannot find the source of the smell or the home in general has a rather nasty smell, it is a good idea to start cleaning. If you have pets, you never know if one of them had an “accident” on the carpet. If you have children, who knows if they had an accident or a spill of some type on the carpet.

Prevent Tortoise PyramidingPrevention is the best form of treatment for pyramiding. You want to make sure that you do all the proper research before getting a pet tortoise, so that you can prevent any problems with diet or housing. You want to be able to meet all the requirements for a healthy tortoise, so that you can prevent any illnesses or health problems..

At least 40 million Americans endure chronic sleep disorders each year, and 20 million more experience occasional sleeping problems, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. If you’re among the 60 million, try some of the natural sleep remedies we’ve cultivated from trusted sources like the National Sleep Foundation. Here’s to a brighter tomorow and hoping one or more of these methods knocks you out cold.

I Used Krylon Paint Made For PlasticI used a special spray paint made for plastics to paint the bucket. I have used this paint on plastic porch tables before, and the paint holds up very well. It did take two coats of paint to completely cover the label on the bucket.

The laptop has been in operating condition for well over eighteen months now with nary an issue. In fact, baking the motherboard even took care of a secondary issue that involved the wireless card on the laptop not working. The product was like brand new direct from the factory with the only hitch being that it seems to run a smidge slower than previously.