Some praised Kushner for ensuring that other White House officials did not meddle further in the response effort, and for quickly enlisting the Pentagon to link FEMA with the military’s suppliers. At meetings, some said, Kushner was well prepared with data and determined to act quickly. His deputies, including a Kushner friend and Trump appointee named Adam Boehler, were responsive to questions and concerns..

By way of contrast, in 2015, the fund achieved an extraordinary 18.3 per cent net return that earned then CEO Mark Wiseman a relatively modest $3.7 million. Incentive compensation is calculated by an intricate formula that includes subjective input and takes into account performance over five years. Still, how should the federal and provincial governments and the public react to those numbers when a mandated economic closure has just caused the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and an unprecedented fiscal stimulus is driving public debt up to a crushing $1 trillion? At a minimum, the optics are poor.Joe Oliver: Canada intent on worsening urgent fiscal problem with increasingly lonely climate change battleJoe Oliver: Are there any limits to this government’s breakneck spending in eye watering amounts?Joe Oliver: A primal policy battle is coming and Canada’s future is at stakeA relevant teachable moment occurred a couple of years ago in Ontario.

That lesson applies to the live stream feature this year, which pissed off a lot of fans at the convention. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy talk about The Force Awakens, and conventions are supposed to be special only for the fans in attendance. These devoted crowds want to say they saw that trailer first, and they just live streamed the panel? Yeah, people were very miffed..

Then I get a message out of the blue on Facebook. A friend of mine who lives in my own home town sent me a picture of the building where my dad used to work. He told me he’d just passed it and it made him think of me. The Bright White is too white to stare at for long. I buy these in “parent sheets” which refers to the paper straight from the manufacturer before it is cut into reams. The parent sheets are 23″ x 35″.

Then I talk briefly about the more personal issues for you.The Saturn Return, for those who are not aware of this, occurs at roughly (dependent on the retro direct cycle at the time of birth) 29.5 years, when the planet returns to its position at birth. Leading up to the first Return we have three bursts of major, hard contact between transiting and natal Saturn, a square at approximately 7 years old (considered Age of Reason when the individual first sees their responsibility for their own behavior and becomes aware of potential consequences), an opposition at 14 (another turning point, one where the first big steps away from childhood are taken), and at 21 (a complete coming of age that leaves the individual solely responsible for her or his own life and actions). Each of these hard contacts of transiting to natal Saturn typically brings more responsibility, and in a certain way, more freedom, as the individual is asked to take on more, to follow the rules, and thereby gain autonomy and reach a new stage of maturity.But, by the time the Return arrives, we been out in the world for awhile.