In 1935 Robert Moses ( remember him? ) sought to eliminate the amusement district in the Rockaways. By then most of the amusements had settled along the boardwalk as most patrons were now coming from the local bungalow colonies instead of day trippers from the train stations. Deciding that Rockaway Beach needed a parkway, Shore Front Parkway was built on the North side of the boardwalk.

Buckminister Fuller saw the world as being divided among and ruled by what he called the “great pirates” until very recently (the 19th century). He would have included the sovereigns among the pirates. The novel development he was interested in (and saw himself as an exemplar of) was the scientist/engineer, whom we might see as a synthesis of all the previous castes: the scientist/engineer, who takes all of reality as a field of open inquiry and possible transformation to increase the power of humanity, has a bit of the priest, warrior, craftsman and adventurer in him while being something qualitatively different at the same time.

Jack Edwards is in his 12th season as a play by play voice for Bruins games on NESN and his tenth season doing both home and road contests. A television veteran of over 30 years, he came to NESN after five years of play by play for both ESPN and HDNet broadcasts of NHL games. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Edwards began his career doing play by play of Wildcats hockey which led to reporter and anchor positions in both radio and television in New Hampshire and Providence.

The Headon Hill Formation (of the Solent Group) form part of the well known Hampshire Basin, and is exposed at Hordle Cliff, west of Milford on Sea, in Christchurch Bay, and also at Headon Hill, the type locality near Alum Bay and Whitecliff Bay, in the Isle of Wight. The strata overlie the Becton Sand (Barton Sand) and Barton Clay. They are of Priabonian Stage of the Upper Eocene Series.

Of course I believe in the need for accountability, especially when it comes to our most vulnerable children. But I think our instincts can lead to cures that are worse than the disease. For instance, what was the “cure” that Roche put in place in the wake of the disappearance of Jeremiah Oliver, the case that initially brought so much scrutiny? She ordered every single call on every single child under age 6 to undergo a complete investigation, no matter how outlandish or malicious the complaints appeared to be.

Sonu Sood’s monthly pass, issued against a sum of Rs 420, was valid between the stations Borivali and Churchgate. “The one who has struggled for real can only understand the pain of others. Once, Sonu Sood used to travel with the Rs 420 local train pass,” said a user, who shared the photo.