The other major human flaw lies in self righteousness. Wanting to feel that our particular set of beliefs is better than anyone else’s, be they political or religious or moral. That is bad enough, but the problems really begin when those folks feel they somehow have the right to force everyone else to feel the same way..

Man finds neighbour is his long lost Brother!Two Canadian men who had been given up for adoption at a very early age, were both searching for their biological family. What they didn’t realise was that all they had to do was walk across the road! When Tommy Larkin went to talk to the adoption agency, who had been dealing with his search, he was asked, ‘Are you sure you haven’t met him?’ When he asked why, the lady gave Tommy his brother’s address. Tommy replied: ‘I am looking at the house right now!’ It was just across the road from where he lived! Mr larkin 30, and his brother Stephen Goosney, 29 had been searching for each other for years.

There had to have been something VERYBIG going on because Brady photographers tried to capturea particular but unpredictable moment in time rather than merely a fixed static scene of their choosing. This was challenging because thephotographers couldn predict exactly when and under what sunlight conditions they would have to expose the glass plate. Rather, they were forced to estimate several minutes in advance when the hearse would come into view, whether it would stop or be in motion throughout, and under what degree of sunlight it would be visible.

Rolling the Pie Dough Out for the Pie Plate (Bottom Layer)The true skill in making a great pie is the art of the crust. It starts with cold ingredients and ends with crimping the bottom and top layers together for a beautiful presentation. But, before we get to the fancy part, the dough needs to be rolled out..

Oakley decided to see if he could download the high resolution photos taken by Alexander Gardner, which were taken from a farther distance, to see if he could identify anyone else. “I found Seward right away, sitting there.” In a second photograph, also taken by Gardner probably about 10 minutes later, Oakley noticed that “something new had entered the picture. It was the image of a man right next to Seward.

With warm, sticky days ahead, give your air conditioning unit a little TLC. Not only does it cool you down, but an efficient air conditioner removes moisture and humidity from your home, which in excess, can damage its foundation. So if you aren’t changing air filters monthly, start now.