“We’ve worked with Al on custom digital marketing projects during the past couple of years with great success. After the launch of Platform earlier this year, we were encouraged by Al’s belief that we could add value to his entertainment industry customers who are typically at the edge of social media engagement,” said 3 Tier Logic President and CEO, Robert Craig. “His unparalleled contacts and keen insights into the entertainment industry are opening up many new opportunities for us to sell Platform.

BMW’s iDrive 6.0 comes standard and includes analog gauges alongside an 8.8 inch infotainment screen. But, you can upgrade to the improved iDrive 7.0 and its pair of 10.25 inch screens, one for the instrument cluster and one for the central touchscreen. Apple CarPlay is standard and works wirelessly through Bluetooth.

In neighboring Georgia, the first state to reopen, the numbers were looking good for weeks, but now infections may be increasing. And while the latest Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows conservatives are more likely than liberals to favor a speedy end to government lockdown measures, six of the states with growing case counts (according to ) lean blue: California, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada and North Carolina.To some degree, a second wave of COVID 19 is probably “inevitable,” most likely in the fall, as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, has predicted.

Dare to be you. That is exactly what I want people to get from me, especially now, when exclusion is a part of what’s going on in the world and, I think, a form of oppression. I think representation and putting yourself out there and being open and honest and authentic about who you are, that’s a form of resistance..

Next, Craig became an entrepreneur he owned Farncombe’s Meat Market in Portage before becoming a real estate agent. He then continued the family tradition by establishing Farncombe’s Food Centre in Langruth, that he ran for 23 years before retiring in July 2012. Craig was an avid sports fan and participant.

She said: definitely made me grasp life with both hands a bit more and go for it. I want to pursue my dreams more than ever because it just shows that life really can be too short. A month after being signed to the agency, Tanya decided to ditch her McDonald job..

The second was that since the baby hadn’t passed yet, we could go to the emergency room and have a D and C (dilatation and curettage) done. This is the scraping of a woman’s womb. The baby would come out with that, and then I wouldn’t have to wait for it to happen on its own.