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3. AmorphageWhat’s worse than being transformed into a creature devoid of humanity, representing a frightening shadow of whatever amicable qualities you once possessed? How about most of your body being attached to a foreign entity while the rest of you is fully conscious of the grotesque deeds you’re about to commit? Such is the fate of any monster afflicted with the curse of the Amorphages. While most Yu Gi Oh cards, especially those embodying the characteristics of being monsters, showcase cool artwork or creepy imagery (Like Jason, Michael Myers, Candyman, and Pinhead all having a horror catwalk on a runway of disembodied heads), the Amorphage cards simply showcase the terror the Dracoverlord unleashes upon the Dueling World, a dragon growth manipulating the majority of the monster’s flesh to do its bidding, the rest of the creature helpless in its compliance.

The Serrano IndiansThe Serrano Indians, which means mountain dwellers in Spanish, used to gather and grind acorns during the autumn. The Indian Rock Camp was the ideal location since there were so many large rock outcroppings to work with. It is magical to touch the holes ground into these rocks and to realize women made these over two hundred years ago, and that these holes made the acorn meal used to sustain the Serrano people.

Hence the difference between RtR and exploration. One is following an already blazed trail, the other is blazing your own. People crossing America to settle weren explorers, they were settlers. Overall the Oakley SI Assault Glove is a robust feature laden glove that is both stylish and functionally versatile. At the MSRP of up to $100+ it is a bit too pricey in my opinion but if you are an LEO or MIL customer you are able to purchase these for about half that in which case they are defiantly well worth it. As a shooters glove, I found the trigger finger still a bit too thick and often found the tips catching slightly on the trigger guard even for someone with hands that are a bit on the smaller side.

For corporations, it’s all about making money, and there’s a reason why so many disposable items are plastic it’s cheap, not even a penny’s worth. So they don’t care about conserving. They even have small amounts of ketchup packed in little plastic pouches, whether you’re on the go or eating at a table.