After parking a concert is on and the party begins! The photo above is after the parade, the bikers can park their bikes in the middle of Congress and leave them there while they go have fun and enjoy the music and activities. As you can tell o bikes!! On the side of the shot you can see the people walking the background the Texas Capitol Building. That is a lot of action indeed!!.

It’s a nice looking piece of machinery, so those of you who obsess over interior design won’t feel like it’s a complete eye sore that you need to hide. Also, you deserve to show it off and maybe even brag a little. Once we’re all allowed to have people over again, of course..

So there are three very good practical and economic reasons for extending a lease as soon as you possibly can. Although the process may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. A solicitor specializing in the complex area of extending a lease can handle the legal side of lease extensions for you, from preparing the application to serving notices on the freeholder.

FILE In this Aug. 26, 2016, file photo, a one month dosage of hormonal birth control pills is displayed in Sacramento, Calif. The Trump administration’s new birth control rule is raising questions among some doctors and researchers. But the best thing about UnREAL is its setting: in TV production, not in the exotic, glamorous worlds of criminal masterminds and mob guys where so many antiheroes live. Sure, Hollywood has its own glamour, but this isn’t really a story that’s about the super rich Hollywood people you think of when you think of show business. It’s set among the people who actually do the work.

This includes very lucky or “miraculous” events in people’s lives. But how can you know that your happiness is a result of God? After all, there are atheists who are perfectly happy in their lives, good things happen, without prayer or belief. It’s of course a great thing that people are getting good things in their lives, but I don’t think attributing it to something higher than us is a logical conclusion to make from them..

It has also been adapted to being incorporated into chocolate bars. In the UK a slab of rosewater Turkish Delight is coated in milk chocolate to make Fry’s Turkish Delight. It is now made by Cadbury’s and has been immortalised by the advertising slogan ‘Full of Eastern Promise’.

More than five decades after their only Super Bowl, the Jets’ search for Joe Namath’s replacement continues. Darnold, whom the Jets traded up to take with the third overall pick in 2018, was the highest drafted quarterback the team has taken since landing Namath with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1965 AFL draft.