Nearly a month after the first skirmishes on the LAC between Indian and Chinese soldiers were reported, the situation on the ground still appears to be tense. While there has been no official explanation of what has happened there since May 5, the day the first clash at Pangong Tso (lake) was reported, there is enough information to conclude that this is the most serious such standoff India and China have seen in years. As reported by The Hindu, sources say that the number of Chinese soldiers, the aggression with which they have dealt with Indian soldiers, as well as the number of points of conflict, indicate strategised action by Chinese commanders.

As we ask ourselves these questions, we usually come to realize that our mistakes do not happen all the time. We have days when we do many things well, and we need to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. After all, we are human, and human beings make mistakes, especially during the learning process!.

Same day the health unit declared the outbreak, it was notified that a lab error may have resulted in the false positive test result for the one individual at Adelaide Place, the health unit stated. Resident was reswabbed and today (Tuesday) the results were returned showing the person did not have COVID 19. The outbreak was then lifted.

Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies have both won Emmys for their portrayals of Kentucky criminals. Watching Martindale as Mags Bennett turn from grieving mother to threatening cold blooded crime queen in the blink of an eye is chilling. And Jeremy Davies’ inept and not quite all there, Dickey Bennett, masks a dangerous psychopathic personality underneath a self effacing front.

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