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Property owners who disagree with their assessment should contact the Assessor’s Office to discuss it with assessment staff. If still not satisfied with their assessed value, owners may file a formal objection. The Assessor’s Office must be notified, either orally or in writing, of intent to object at least 48 hours before the first meeting of the Board of Review.

Halston Heritage (HH) defines great colorful, stylish, and wearable clothing and accessories. When shopping at stores that carries HH, I can pass the rack without being curious as to what their new items and colors are for the current season. You might also know this line from movies like Sex and the City 2.

Home SearchAfter speaking with the 20 year old victim, police learned he was parked in his grey 2008 Grand Prix at the back of a business in the 900 block of Angus Street when two men and a woman approached his vehicle.The victim told police one of the men opened his driver door, and demanded he get out of the car and hand over his cell phone.Once the victim complied, all three suspects jumped into the car and drove away westbound on Fourth Avenue.The victim thenwalked to the 900 block of Albert Street to report the incident to police.Officers searched the area for the suspects and stolen car, but came up short.Police are now looking to locate the vehicle and three suspects.The woman was described as roughly 20 years old with a slim build and black shoulder length hair. She was wearing black leggings, a pink and camouflage hoodie with Oak written on the back, and black Ray Ban sunglasses.The man who was the driver in the incident was described as between 20 to 27 years old with a scruffy beard. He was wearing a black hoodie, jeans and a hat..

I need to comment about this program and it’s not a thumbs up. I did my research and after an uplifting come to Jesus selling seminar where the Kaiser salesperson stated 98% members do not regain the weight if they stuck with the after counseling program for a year. I thought this is a sure thing.

Elmside Circle Park Playground Replacement Near East Status: Planning Staff held a playground workshop on November 7th to discuss the Elmside Park playground replacement. A second public input meeting was held on December 11th. This project will be combined into a contract with other playgrounds and bid out for construction in 2018..

What I love is the partnership with Bitdefender that provides an extra layer of security. It has a trial period but, when it comes to protecting your data, I guess paying a subscription to an antivirus is just calculated expense. It covers a lot. By 2024, 3.5 million jobs in New York State will require an associate degree or higher roughly 420,000 more jobs than in 2014. But for too many families, the cost of college is currently out of reach. The Excelsior Scholarship will equip students with the skills they need to succeed by making an advanced degree tuition free, and ensure they are able to secure the high tech, high paying jobs of tomorrow.

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