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Pure muscle!! He was checking out the people as much as the people were checking out him. I can safely say that I will not ever go into the Congo looking to find gorilla in the mist!! This photo is close enough for me! LOLThey say a picture is worth 1000 words one might be worth a few more? A touching moment to capture in time. I get a tear in my eye just looking at it..

In 2009 while both deployed to Bagram Afghanistan, he proposed and is now married to MSgt. Kerri Cangemi. They have a daughter Kaylee, that is 2 years old.. Could it be that the alarm hadn’t gone off? You could see from the bed that it was set correctly for four o’clock; it certainly had gone off, too. Yes, but was it possible to sleep quietly through a ringing that made the furniture shake? Well, he certainly hadn’t slept quietly, but probably all the more soundly for that. But what should he do now? The next train left at seven o’clock; to make it, he would have to hurry like a madman, and the line of samples wasn’t packed yet, and he himself didn’t feel especially fresh and ready to march around.

Hines has been a very successful developer in Houston. In addition to the Galleria in both Houston and Dallas as well as the Williams Tower, he has been responsible for many of the high profile commercial office buildings in Houston. It is 64 feet high matching the feet to the number of stories of the Williams Tower.Admittedly the sound of all of that crashing water is beautiful to hear.

There were all these big technology companies with resources. I just assumed one of them would do it. But this idea was so clear to us that all people want to connect. They were noisy but wary, and they seemed to me to set off the wildness of the swamp as much as any of the beasts of the chase.” This may have been part of the reason for their extinction. Their beauty was so profound that collectors sought to have a specimen of their own and between collectors hunting them and their habitat being lost to logging companies these birds declined drastically in number as early as the 1870’s. However they would occasionally be seen after this.

Multiple examples of Armstrong using the blood boosting hormone EPO, citing the “clear finding” of EPO in six blood samples from the 1999 Tour de France that were retested. UCI concluded those samples were mishandled and couldn be used to prove anything. In bringing up the samples, USADA said it considers them corroborating evidence that isn necessary given the testimony of its witnesses..