Proceeds from this sale fund a scholarship, offered through the Coventry Scholarship Foundation, to a graduating high school senior residing in the town who plans to pursue secondary education in horticultural studies. There will also be a Grace Doll raffle, a boutique with furniture, clothing and accessories and a bake table. Tickets for children are $10 in advance and $15 at the door and mandatory accompanying adults are free.

About the Zephyrs: Defeated Parkland 5 2 on April 27, but have since lost 9 4 and 7 5 to the Trojans with the latter setback coming in the EPC semis. In the district finals for the first time since posting a 1 0 win over Parkland in 2009 behind Cat Klobosits, who tossed a four hitter. Also won the 1989 district crown with 3 1 win over Allen, which was then coached by current Parkland assistant Ed Stinner.

West and to support prizes and fellowships in Metabolic Biochemistry presented to undergraduate and graduate studentswithin the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to recognize their excellence in this area.Dafni Amirsakis Fund To honorto Dr. Dafni Amirsakis and to provide fellowship support to graduate studentswithin the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.The Paul Boyer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship ProgramTo honor Nobel Laureate and UCLA professor Paul Boyer we are establishing an endowment to permanently fund summer undergraduate research fellowships. The department has over 1,000 undergraduate biochemistry majors, and each year these talented students apply for a limited number of summer research fellowships.

For Aleks, this stress happened to manifest in weight loss Her shrinking body was merely a symptom of the distress she was feeling, yet it lauded as the gleaming trophy of the story.This pervasive and incessant need to high five women for losing weight whatever the cost is dangerous and only feeds into the misguided idea that a woman is only as good as the number on the scales staring back at her. Don mistake me, I not railing against women deciding of their own volition to overhaul their health or shed kilos that a personal choice, you do you, etc what I am vehemently against is the insidious and reductive implication that a woman is somehow better if she thinner.The problem isn’t women choosing to lose weight, it’s the implication she is somehow better for being thinner. Picture: InstagramSource:InstagramSociety applauds and rewards women for contorting themselves into what we deem to be happily disregarding the pain and hair pulling moments they endure to achieve this supposed desirability.